Your Biggest Employee Experience Payoff?!:

(Trust us)

Webinar | March 22, 2023 | 10am PT/ 1PM ET


When it comes to significant lift and improvement to Workforce Experience, Workforce Management makes a MUCH BIGGER DENT than your Core HR. Trust us.

In fact, we’re seeing WFM shift to Phase I transformation work more and more often, we’re seeing scheduling solutions make a world of difference to productivity and retention, and we’re seeing significant experience payoffs when organizations invest in WFM.

Yes, Workforce Management is time & attendance. It’s also demand forecasting, scheduling & rostering, leave & absence management, and on-demand wages. These are make-or-break moments that matter when it comes to day-to-day workforce experience. That’s why a little goes a long way when you double down on Workforce Management, and it’s also why starting here can be the trigger for changing your entire HR Tech stack.

In a rapidly shifting labor market where digitization, innovation, and employer needs are outpacing the people supply chain as well as the experience they expect, Workforce Management is the suddenly and surprisingly sexiest tool in your tech stack. How else can organizations increase efficiency, meet customer demand with talent supply, and change the way your people work?

This is why you start with WFM, the literal performance dashboard of your business with gauges for labor optimization, resource availability, plus supply and demand indicators to achieve a thriving organization at scale. In a world where time and talent are a premium and waste more expensive than ever, this dashboard matters very much to the operators of your business.Join this webinar to understand the right Workforce Management approach for your business.

You’ll learn: 

  • What’s the latest innovation in WFM? 
  • How to choose the right WFM solution: What’s too much or too little? What services & support might you need?
  • Do I need to replace what I have, or just fill in the gaps?
  • How WFM can transform your employee experience