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Thank you for your interest in our newest White Paper on Digital Workforce Experience:

What’s Love Got To Do With It?
Delivering Digital Experiences
in the
Now of Work

Our recent EX study, Humanizing Human Resources: The 2023 State of Experience in the New World of Work Report, validates the gap that exists between how employees define experience excellence and how HR organizations are shifting  service delivery approaches in response to workforce expectations. This is critical, as exceptional experiences have been tied to increased engagement and greater loyalty.

In partnership with Conduent, Mercer | Leapgen conducted employee and HR organization research studies to learn about the state of EX, what defines exceptional EX today, and the gaps that have emerged between employee expectations and HR capabilities. Selective questions in the HR survey mirrored surveys previously conducted by Leapgen, allowing cross-survey corroboration and comparison.

Survey participation included 800 employees and 250 HR organizations. HR survey respondents represented 5 markets, with most participants based in North America. 58% of HR organizations represented operate in multiple countries.