Hyper-Personalizing The Employee Experience:
What It Takes, What It Produces, Where to Start

Leapgen 2022 White Paper

You can’t address workforce experience without addressing personalization, a long-awaited and necessary paradigm shift in HR technology and service delivery where every experience is customized and unique to the individual. We benefit from personalized experiences every day in our consumer lives, with apps greeting us by name, finely tuned product recommendations from retail sites like Amazon, perfectly targeted ads on Instagram, and online shopping carts practically filling themselves with hyper- targeted purchase suggestions. The very best personalization happens when experiences aren’t targeted to people like me, they’re directed to me, the individual. In the consumer world, personalization pays off not just with more customers but more engaged customers.

This white paper seeks to explain various levels of personalization when it comes to workforce experience, the benefits of hyper- personalization, and the approach necessary to produce real impact for the business and for the workforce.


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